A while ago I was in one of my usual meet-up venues chatting with a bride-to-be and her Mother about their upcoming wedding. The bubbles were flowing and the Mom casually asked me what I wear on the wedding day as a Wedding Photographer. They were both surprised with my answer, almost as much as I was surprised by the question!

You see, not many people ask me that question. Quite rightly, prospective clients are normally more focused on the style and quality of my work. However, it is still a really important question. Before I explain why, please check out my photos for my answer to what I wear:

Suit | Shirt | Tie | – No exceptions!

In the past five years or so it has become more acceptable for Wedding Photographers to turn up on the Big Day looking….er, Casual. I’m talking Jeans, Polo Shirts (even worse, Branded Polo Shirts), Trainers, Shorts, Hats, Sunglasses – you name it, I’ve seen it! This goes for Female Photographers too who look like they’re off to do the weekly food shop.

Add to that the ridiculous Batman type Utility Belts holding extra stuff like lenses, or those awful Crossbelt Gun-Style Holsters that make you look at best like a BBC1 Drama Detective and at worst like The Rumpo Kid, Sid Jame’s character in Carry On Cowboy, and we really are in danger of looking a prize prat.

Anyway, don’t get me started…


Here is my list of 7 Reasons Why You Should INSIST Your Wedding Photographer is Well Dressed:

1. Because It’s A Wedding!

I may be a bit old-school here, but if I’m invited to a wedding as a guest I wear a Suit. It’s the same as if I go to a Christening or a Funeral, I wear a suit. It’s just the done thing.

Plus, any excuse to look sharp….


2. Because It’s Not About Them/Me.

The best Wedding Photographers should not stand out like a sore thumb. Nothing shouts ‘I’m Here’ more than a brightly coloured branded shirt with ‘CREW’ printed on the back or a pair of mirrored shades. Nobody should be taking the attention of the guests away from the Bride and Groom, and most certainly not a supplier.


3. Because It’s Good Manners.

Dressing smart for a wedding is simply Good Manners. It shows Respect. This applies to all invited guests, venue staff, and suppliers. Anything else is just plain rude.


4. Because Your Parents Will Like It.

I nearly always receive a ‘thank-you’ from the parents of the Bride and Groom, not least for my efforts and manner on the day, but also for dressing appropriately. Remember, they are from a different generation and don’t understand why a professional wouldn’t dress up for a wedding.


5. Because Your Guests May React More Positively.

People react differently to how others dress. Sometimes as a Wedding Photographer we have to organise large groups of people in short amounts of time, and we don’t always have a Toastmaster or Front-of-House to help. A recent study by Psychology Today showed that suit wearers are judged more favourably than non-suit wearers, and they rated them more confident, more successful, and more flexible after just three seconds of exposure. How we dress makes a huge difference about how people feel about us, especially when we don’t have the time to build trust.


6. Because It Looks Professional.

If the Wedding I am shooting is Black-Tie, then that is how I dress. If it has a navy colour scheme, I will wear a navy suit. My clients love this, and the idea actually came from my own Wedding when the String Quartet matched their outfits to our colour scheme. It’s all part of a professional service and clients will remember these little details for years to come (you can see for yourself by viewing my testimonials page).


7. Because Your Guests May Think They/I am Also a Guest.

Think about it – if the Photography style like mine is ‘Behind-The-Scenes’, ‘Documentary’, Fly-On-The-Wall’ – whatever you want to call it, then why would the Photographer not want to blend in with the guests? Ego perhaps? I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked by guests how I know the bride or groom, as they expect me to be a friend. This gives me the freedom to move around with camouflage – all the other guests!


So there you have it. My (slightly tongue-in-cheek) views on why it is important for Wedding Photographers to dress smartly for the occasion. After all, Georgio Armani once said, “Elegance is not Standing Out but Being Remembered” and we should all remember that!



Do you agree with these views?

Do you think it matters what a Wedding Photographer wears?

I would love to know what you think.

Leave me a comment below and share your opinion.

Have you attended a Wedding where the Photographer or Videographer looked like an extra from Footballer’s Wives? Let me know below.


Wedding Photographer in a suit
Your Wedding Photographer should blend into the background…

David Michael
David Michael

David Michael Bradford is an Accredited Master Photographer specialising in Weddings for clients that value quality over price. His views are his own and are designed to promote discussion, so please don't be offended.

    14 replies to "7 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Be Well Dressed"

    • The Son Of Thom

      Great post David!

      • David Michael

        Thank you Sir!

    • Sally Taylor

      Absolutely spot on, you and the post x

      • David Michael

        Thanks Sally. Hope the family are well.

    • Gary riches

      David I agree with all the above
      We have discussed this before after I went to a wedding and the tow scruffiest casual looking people where the photogtaphers
      You said this is normal
      I could agree more with you
      You are the normal one

      • David Michael

        Haha, thanks Gary. Our chat gave me the idea to write this blog!

    • Anna

      I’m pretty sure you wear a smile too… (because you’re never fully dressed without a…) 😊

      • David Michael

        Most of the time!

    • Lynsey

      Totally agree. It is good mannors/respectable. Shows that your photographer cares about themselves and how they want there work to be presented to the public eye. I have to admit I personally did not even think of asking I thought it would be common knowledge. Thankfully David always presents himself in a suit and tie for his work. David was even willing to step in for one of my bridemaids luckly she made it 😊

      • David Michael

        Thanks Lynsey. Happy Anniversary for the other day!

    • Jessie Butler

      I am a photographer and always dress as if I were a guest. I think it is insulting and bad taste to show up otherwise.
      Jessie Butler Photography

      • David Michael

        Hi Jessie, good for you. We should not let our standards slip.

    • Toby Sleigh-Johnson

      Yeah, I agree David, there’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding to find the photographers are all wearing branded t-shirts and rounding up guests like security guards at a music festival.

      • David Michael

        Absolutely. It’s the same for me with Videographers!!

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